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Parish Council Meeting – Dec 16

8th December 2016 7.30pm at Lyon Hall, Hodnet

Wollerton’s Phone Box Threatened

Shropshire NewsroomShropshire Council is appealing to residents, town councils and parish councils to have their say on a proposal by BT to remove 214 public payphones around the county. Included amongst these is the one on Bean Bank in Wollerton.

In a post on Shropshire Newsroom, the Council states that it is able to:

  • Object to the removal of the telephony service and kiosk in any particular area.
  • Consent to removal of the telephony service, whilst keeping the physical structure of the kiosk.
  • Consent to the permanent removal of the telephony service and the kiosk.

The basis for any decision by the Council must be backed up by recording the views of local people that are likely to be affected by removing of a phone box. To ensure each community’s options are fully understood, help and advice is available through Shropshire Council’s community enablement officers that can be contacted via email or by calling 01743-253077.

Cecilia Motley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for rural services and communities, stated, “I would also stress that payphones that have been saved as a result of previous consultations may well be under threat once more, so it is important to engage with us again.”

The formal consultation runs through until January 2017, though the Council urge individuals and groups to make their thoughts known ahead of an initial stocktake on 28 November 2016. There will then be a further chance for local communities to comment on the Council’s provisional view before the final decisions are made and passed on to BT in January 2017.

The article provides a link to this PDF file which lists all the threatened boxes. The only one included from the Hodnet area is the one in in Wollerton near to Post Code TF9 3NB. The main reason its existence is threatened is because in the the twelve months up to October this year there were just twelve phone calls made from it. It seems like a case of use it or loose it.

The full guidance on responding to the proposed removal of phone boxes is available on the Ofcom website.

Hodnet & District Garden Club – November 2016

Hodnet & District Garden ClubOur next meeting is on Tuesday Nov 15th at 7.30 pm at the Lyon Hall, when we look forward to an illustrated talk on Japanese Gardens. Our speaker will be Roger Harris, a member of the national committee of the Japanese Garden Society who has visited gardens in Japan and on the west coast of America.

Refreshments will be served after the meeting. This will be the last occasion when charges will be waived for both members and visitors. Membership fees will be reinstated in 2017, but at the very reasonable rate of only £10 for the whole year, £2/meeting for guests. An interesting programme of speakers and visits is being planned for the coming year –  details of upcoming meetings will be uploaded to the website. Do come along if a particular topic is of interest to you.

And finally, we still have an item of lost property in our possession since the Party in the Park back in June. If you are the person who brought some begonias to the plant sale on a green plastic tray, then please leave us a message with your contact details via the Webteam and we can arrange for you to collect it (maybe at the November meeting?)

Flu Vaccinations 2016/17

Flu Jab Sign

Hodnet Medical Centre has recently published on its website a reminder that it is Flu Vaccination season again.

The post reminds people that “Flu is a highly infectious illness that spreads rapidly through the coughs and sneezes of people who are carrying the virus.” It the lists the follow people who are eligible to receive a free flu jab:

  • are 65 years of age or over (before 31st April 2014);
  • are pregnant;
  • have certain medical conditions;
  • are living in a long-stay residential care home or other long-stay care facility;
  • receive a carer’s allowance, or you are the main Carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill;
  • are a healthcare worker with direct patient contact or a social care worker.

The criteria for each of these groups are listed in the post, which also states that flu vaccine is available for some children, but as a nasal spray instead of an injection.

Those who wish to take advantage of flu vaccination should contact their GP or practice nurse. The best time of the year to have a flu vaccination is from September to early November. Flu jabs received in previous years normally do not protect people in later years because the viruses that cause flu are always changing.

No vaccine is 100% effective, however people who have had the flu jab are less likely to get flu and if they do it will probably be milder than if they hadn’t been vaccinated. The adult flu injection doesn’t cause flu as it doesn’t contain live viruses. Some people do however experience side effects after having the injection, these can be a temperature and aching muscles for a couple of days afterwards. Sore arms at the point of the injection are also common, but more severe reactions are rare.

The flu vaccine only protects against flu, patients may still catch other types of infections caused by viruses, such as the common cold.

Antiques Valuation Day – November 2016

Bear with Carriage ClockFrom 10.00am – 4.00 pm, Thursday 10 Novemeber, at The Bear, Hodnet.

Midlands Air AmbulanceFree valuations of collectables, jewellery, ceramics and other antiques.

Hansons and The Bear both support the Midlands Air Ambulance Service and donations can be made on the day.

Items can be accepted into forthcoming Hansons Auctions.

For more information please telephone 01630-685214 or email

HFG: Programme of walks – 2016 -17

Having spent a few years improving local walks, we recently decided we should try to walk them more regularly – and invite others to join us. We’ve therefore planned a walk programme, as below, which will be updated/separately announced as details are confirmed (TBC) and dates become closer.

All walks are on a Sunday and start at 10.00 AM, unless otherwise stated. Typical duration = 2 hrs.

Suitable/sensible clothing advised, children and dogs welcome, the latter on leads.

Nov 6th 2016 – High Hatton to Hodnet, a walk around the route of a proposed new walk leaflet: no 8. Meet at old social club on edge of High Hatton

1st Jan 2017 – A ‘blow the cobwebs away’ New Years day walk to/around the Wollerton Wetlands. Meet by Village Room, Wollerton.

5th March – TBC

Monday 17th April – An Easter monday walk

7th May – TBC

Friday 30th June @ 10.00 PM – Evening Glowworm walk. Meet at old Railway bridge, Station Rd, Hodnet. – Bring a torch.

Wednesday 12th July – Evening walk; TBC

3rd September – TBC

5th Novemeber – TBC

Shropshire Choices

Shropshire NewsroomShropshire Newsroom recently ran an article about the Council’s ongoing commitment in a time of austerity to the provision of adult social care, particularly ensuring support for our most frail and elderly residents.

Shropshire is a large and sparsely populated county with a disproportionately older population which is higher than the national average – 23% of residents in Shropshire are 65+, compared to the English average of 18%. Of course as the county’s population gets older, the demand for adult care services increases.

You might be interested to browse a new one-stop website called Shropshire Choices which the Council have just launched as part of their early help and prevention approach.

The introductory paragraph gives a good summary of the thinking behind this website:

“Helping you to make the right choice to remain independent and stay well. Offering information and advice about Adult Social Care, Housing and Health.” But this really does not do justice to all that can be sourced on this site. It is well worth bookmarking as it’s a mine of useful information. The homepage has direct links to Independent Living; Getting out and about; Being a Carer; Leaving Hospital; Dealing with Abuse; Finding Help and Let’s Talk Local sessions.

Besides this there is a handy Site A-Z index for easy alphabetical location of different services.

Tern Hill Roundabout Resurfacing – Update

Shropshire Council LogoRecently, we reported in this post on planned roadworks on both the A53 and A41. Shropshire Council have today (30/09/16) provided more information on the resurfacing work around Tern Hill roundabout. The good news is that most of the work is planned to be carried out overnight between 8pm and 6am. Traffic flow will be controlled by temporary traffic lights.

Details of the work can be found on the “roadworks” section of the Council’s website, and in an announcement on Shropshire Newsroom. The following map is also available as a PDF:

Tern Hill Resurfacing Map

Plan showing where the resurfacing work is to be carried out.
(copyright Mouchel Ltd)

Observant readers will have spotted that the distance from the roundabout is not as great as suggested previously on roadworks.org.

Elsewhere work on the new roundabout on the A53 near Market Drayton is making progress, but the resurfacing work between Tern Hill and Adderley Road roundabouts has not yet begun.

Mickley Lane Closure – 5 Oct. 2016

Shropshire Council have announced that Mickley Lane, Mickley will be closed between 8:00am and 6:00pm, on Wednesday 5th October. The work to be carried is by Broadband Delivery UK on behalf of Openreach.

Pedestrians, dismounted cyclist and dismounted horse riders will be allowed through the closure. Vehicle diversion will be via Mickley Lane, Lostford Lane, Wood Lane, Mickley Lane and vice versa (see map below). Details of the closure were published in the following two PDF documents:

Road Closure Details For Week 1 October 2016
Diversion Maps For Road Closures Week 1 October 2016.

Mickley Diverson 5 Oct 2016

Meet the New Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner

Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, West MerciaThursday 29th September 2016, between 4.30pm – 7.00pm
Festival Drayton Centre, Market Drayton

There is an opportunity to meet the new Deputy Police & Crime  Commissioner, Tracey Onslow, at Festival Drayton Centre in Market Drayton. She will be outlining proposals for the new Policing Plan and taking questions about the PCC’s role in the future.

The event has been organised by Market Drayton Seniors’ Enterprise (MDSE) – a non-profit making charitable organisation. At approximately 5:15pm Market Drayton’s Mayor, Councillor David Minnery, will introduce Tracey Onslow who will make a formal Policy Presentation on behalf of John Campion, the recently elected Police & Crime Commissioner for West Mercia.

The event is being held in the main auditorium and will feature a small exhibition with stands from the following companies and organisations:

  • NFU Mutual – Market Drayton
  • Safer Neighbourhood Team – Market Drayton
  • Cyber & rural crime team
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Crime Reduction officer
  • Market Drayton Town Council

For more information please contact Eric Davies, Secretary of Market Drayton Seniors’ Enterprise: 01630 655778 or email.


New Evening for Peplow Book Club

Book Club IconPeplow Community Book Club has changed the evening it meets from Wednesdays to Tuesdays.

From this month it will meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The first meeting being next week on 27th September starting at 8:00pm.

Members gather in each others homes, borrowing books from Shropshire’s Library Service.

For more information please contact the Book Club’s convener Sally Wilson – Tel. 07722-589440 / 01952-840825 or email.

This and other local book clubs are listed on our Monthly Regular Events page.

Do You Recognise This Cat?

Wendy Payne's visiting cat!Wendy Payne wonders if anyone recognises this frequent visitor to her garden in recent weeks.

She says it is a beautiful big black and white cat, very friendly and loves cuddles. She hopes he belongs to someone

Wendy lives in Park View, Hodnet Court.

If you are the owner of the cat, or know who is, please help put Wendy’s mind at ease. You can contact her by email or by phone – 01630 685683.


Project Poacher

West Mercia Police LogoWest Mercia Police have this week highlighted Project Poacher, an initiative set up by England and Wales Poaching Priority Delivery Group which includes the National Wildlife Crime Unit and is chaired by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

In a post on their website WMP state,

Poachers have little regard for the countryside and no regard for any wildlife or the farmer’s land that they trespass on. Poachers rarely carry out their business for food these days, animals can be stolen for use in illegal and cruel sport, they often work in groups, pursuing animals such as rabbits, deer and pheasants that fall under the heading “game”.


Project Poacher has two key elements; advice and support for law enforcers and a free, easy to use app for reporting poaching incidents.The app is available to download at www.projectpoacher.com


If you see or are aware of poachers on your land or the land of someone else without permission call the police on 101 (or if a crime is taking place call 999). Give the call taker as much information as you have including location, vehicles used, how many offenders and if there are firearms

Much more information can be found on the Poaching and Rural Crime page of the BASC website. The information includes the following advice:

Importance of reporting poaching

One of the issues surrounding poaching is that while it is a crime, it is not classed as a recordable offence by Home Office statistics, which means it is difficult to obtain accurate figures. Another concern is the amount of under-reporting of poaching and indeed other rural crime. It is therefore important that we act as one to combat poaching and rural crime therefore reporting all incidents.

What to do if you have poachers on your land

If you see or are aware of poachers on your land/permission and want them off, call the police. Only you can decide whether this is a 999 or a 101 call (101 is the non-emergency number to report incidents). If you are being threatened or damage is being caused, then that is urgent and 999 should be used. Give the call taker as much information as you have, such as vehicles used, how many offenders, do they have firearms, etc.  Also you will need to give as good a location as you can, especially at night.  However, the most important thing is to get an incident or log number for what you are reporting.

You might be told that there is nobody to send immediately, but insist on the incident/log number. Ask for the incident to be forwarded to the Wildlife Crime Officer and the local beat officer. It is a good idea to do this whether police attend or not.  Tell the call taker that this is a wildlife crime and needs to be recorded as such. This last point makes it easier to monitor the number of poaching offences and, hence, the true picture will emerge.

In the Dark? Call 105

Power Cut? Call 105A new national telephone number for information on power cuts has recently been launched.

105 is now the number to call to report or to find out information about a power cut. This saves having to remember a longer number (or trying to find it in the directory by torchlight). Make a note of it on your useful numbers list – or just get it firmly fixed in your mind.

In a rural area like this, where electricity is mainly supplied via overhead cables, power cuts occur far too frequently.

People can also call 105 if they spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put themselves or other people, or property, in danger. If there’s a serious immediate risk, concerned individuals should also call the appropriate emergency services.

To find out more visit www.powercut105.com

You can now find this number listed on our Public Services page.

Medical Centre – Half Day Closure: 6 Oct. 2016

Hodnet Medical CentreHodnet Medical Centre has announced that the surgery will closed on Thursday 6th October from 12.30pm.

The post on their website reads:

To allow all Practice staff to take part in a protected learning time training session.  All surgeries within the North Shropshire area will be closed this afternoon for training purposes.  This is in line with the Government’s directive to improve training and education within the NHS, and to give all practice staff the opportunity to participate.

If you require medical treatment while the surgery is closed on the above afternoons – please call shropdoc on  0333 222 66 55

Thank you for your support