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Peplownians Bowls Evening

Peplow’s new community group recently enjoyed an evening of Crown Green Bowls hosted by the Wollerton Bowls & Social Club.

More than twenty members of the group attended the event which included an introduction to the game followed by three practice sessions. With this July failing to deliver warm summer weather, visitors and hosts had to contend with a cool, damp evening but this did not deter the Peplownians’ enjoyment. Coaches from the Bowls Club helped their guests get to grips with the basic skills of bowling. Thumb and finger pegs, weight and land were amongst new terminology they had to wrestle with.

The evening concluded with a buffet supper organised by members of the club.

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David Jackson, chairman of the community group commented afterwards “Our visit to Wollerton Bowls Club was a very special evening. We are grateful to members who coached us and for the wonderful buffet provided. This was certainly something we would like to do again. We all felt that we were welcome which was really nice.”

Randall Hardy, who lives in Peplow and is chairman of the Bowls Club, said “The evening was a very good opportunity for two local groups to get together. Many club members worked really hard preparing the food and their efforts were greatly appreciated. We hope that the session encouraged some of our visitors to consider playing bowls regularly in the future, and we would be delighted if they did so at Wollerton.”

Click the following links for more information about the Peplownians and Wollerton Bowls Club.

A Scene from the Past

Recently memories of yesteryear were evoked in the centre of Hodnet. On the Shrewsbury Street bridge a steam tractor was parked whilst its crew refilled its water tank with a hose from the stream below.Marshall Steam Tractor MoonrakerOwner Ariel West, from Kinnerley near Oswestry, was taking the tractor to Norton-in-Hales to join other steam vehicles in celebrating the 100th anniversary of another steam Marshall Tractor called “Mascot” (No. 68754). His own vehicle, also made by Marshalls, is a Convertible Tractor (No. 78953) named “Moonraker”.

Ariel is pictured above (in blue) with his assistant (in the bowler hat) as they lifted water from the stream. The method used to draw the water from the stream is a venturi, which produces a reduction in pressure due to a constriction of the flow in a pipe. More information about how a venturi works can be found here and here. Technical information on “Moonraker” is available from this page.

At one time steam powered vehicles were a daily sight in the village and the cause of several thatched roof fires! Happily no fires were reported following Moonraker’s visit.

Antiques Valuation Day – August 2015

Bear with Carriage ClockFrom 10.00am – 3.00 pm, Thursday 13th August, at The Bear, Hodnet.

Midlands Air AmbulanceFree valuations of collectables, jewellery, ceramics and other antiques.

Hansons and The Bear both support the Midlands Air Ambulance Service and donations can be made on the day.

Items can be accepted into forthcoming Hansons Auctions.

For more information please telephone 01630-685214 or email

Another Evening Walk with the Peplownians


Join this new community group for a local evening walk.

Wednesday 19th August starting at 7.00pm

Meet at Peplow Chapel.

Followed by light refreshments.

More information from David Jackson 01952-840489 or email

Peplow Chapel

Shropshire Mutual Exchange Register

Shropshire NewsroomThis week Shropshire Newsroom announced the launch of the new Shropshire Mutual Exchange Register on Wednesday 1 July 2015. The register will enable tenants in a Shropshire HomePoint partner landlord property to exchange their homes across Shropshire.

Registration is simple, and access to the service is via a single account for the Shropshire Mutual Exchange Register and the Shropshire Housing Register. This means tenants will be able to login to view and bid (apply) on a wide range of available properties options.

A list of HomePoint partner landlords can be found here on their website.

Parish Plan Surveys – One Day Left!

Hodnet Parish Community Led Plan Survey On-LineThe deadline for submitting your questionnaires on-line for the two Community Led Parish Plan surveys is midnight today (Tuesday 30th June).

At midnight the survey software will stop accepting submissions. Any part completed submissions will be lost at that point. So if you are amongst those with partly completed surveys, please make sure you complete them before the deadline.

The collection boxes for paper submissions will be collected over the next few days.

There is still time however to make your views count.

The main survey, which is for everyone aged 7 and over, can be returned either on paper via the collection boxes, or on-line by clicking here.

The youth survey, for those aged between 7 and 17, is only available on-line. This can be accessed here.

More information about both surveys is available on this page.

Parish Plan Surveys – Close Midnight Tuesday

Hodnet Parish Community Led Plan Survey On-LineLocal residents are reminded that there are just a few days left for you to submit your completed Parish Plan 2015 surveys.

The deadline for submitting your returns is midnight on Tuesday 30th June, which is when the on-line surveys will automatically close. The collection boxes for written responses will be collected over the following two days.

Please make every effort to complete and submit your survey over the next three days. Please encourage other members of your family, your neighbours and your friends to also respond. The more questionnaires which are returned, the more representative of the views of the community the new Community Development Plan will be.

The main survey, which is for everyone aged 7 and over, can be returned either on paper via the collection boxes, or on-line by clicking here.

The youth survey, for those aged between 7 and 17, is only available on-line. This can be accessed here.

More information about both surveys is available on this page.

Healthy Shropshire

Hodnet Medical Centre has this week added a link on its website to Healthy Shropshire.

Many people think their lifestyles could be healthier than they currently are. Healthy Shropshire has been designed to help anyone wanting to make a change in their lifestyle and improve their health. Their website provides a wealth of information on support available to you in making the changes you want. It covers the key aspects that are most important in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Shropshire Rural Hub Newsletter

Shropshire Rural Hub is part of The Rural Hubs Partnership along with similar services in Staffordshire and Herefordshire. Their website ruralhubspartnership.co.uk

The Rural Hub exists to encourage farmers and rural business by signposting them to support and training. They also offer to organise events and training for professional and business support organisation and trying to expand their area of business?  They offer to listen, develop, deliver, communicate and facilitate.

The Partnership also produce county specific monthly newsletters. Anyone interested in regularly receiving the Shropshire Rural Hub Newsletter can sign up for it to be emailed to them via this page on their website. Click the following link to download a PDF copy of the Shropshire Rural Hub June 2015 Newsletter.

Crop Sprayer Overturns in Field

Shropshire Fire and Rescue ServiceShropshire Fire & Rescue Service today report attending the scene of an accident in Wollerton. They received a call 11:24am today (23 June 2015) reporting an overturned crop sprayer in a field close to Drayton Road.

The appliance from Hodnet attended the scene and the crew checked for any hazards. No further Fire Service action was required and the incident stop message was timed at 11:42am.

Update: This afternoon the Shropshire Star website published a report with the title, “Shropshire farmer escapes injury after crop sprayer overturns“. Besides saying that the person concerned was checked by paramedics before being discharged at the scene, it reports that the incident occurred about 8.00am.

Parish Plan Surveys – 10 days left!

Hodnet Parish Community Led Plan Survey On-LineThis is to remind everyone who lives in Hodnet parish that if you have not done so already, there are just 10 days left for you to submit your completed Parish Plan 2015 surveys.

The main survey, which is for everyone aged 7 and over, can be returned either on paper via the collection boxes provided, or on-line by clicking here.

The youth survey, for those aged between 7 and 17, is only available on-line. This can be accessed here.

More information about both surveys is available on this page.

Memories of the Manning Family?

Ann Williamson has contacted the webteam with this request about her mother’s family who lived in Hodnet around the 1920s & 30s:

My mother was called Doris Mary Manning, she was born in 1925 in Hodnet, Shropshire. Her father was called George William Manning born 1902, and her mother was born Fanny Blainey.

She had several siblings: George born 1923, Eric G Manning and Frank W Manning were twins, Harold J Manning 1930, Dennis D 1931 & Cyril J 1931.

I believe from research that Thomas Manning born 1910 at 1 Church Street, Hodnet, and who moved to 10 The Crescent, Station Road in 1922 was my mother’s uncle.

From what I gather my mother lived with her family till she was about 10 years old and then went to live with her grandma, her siblings were all separated going to live with different family members. My mother never seen them after that.

Later she moved to Blackburn, Lancashire were she then met my father, Harold Reid. I don’t know to this day why she choose to move there she never really talked about it. In fact she was a very private person kept things to herself apart from getting separated from her siblings.

The reason for this search is because I had promised to take mum back to Market Drayton but unfortunately she died, at Christmas 2014, before we could do so. The one thing she asked of me before she died was to try and trace her family and brothers and find out what happened to them. she has always talked about them.

I don’t know if anyone can help but if they can please could they get in touch with me – Tel. 07907949383 or email

Doris Mary Manning Born 1925Doris Mary Manning born 1925


Attention all Carers

Hodnet Medical CentreYesterday Hodnet Medical Centre added a page to their website saying that they are wanting to identify Carers so that they can be sure that they are providing them appropriate and adequate support.

The page, which can be found here, states:

Do you look after someone who is ill, frail, disabled or mentally ill?

We are interested in identifying carers, especially those people sho may be caring without help or support.  We know that carers are often “hidden” looking after a family member or helping a friend or neighbour with day to day tasks, and may not see themselves as a carer.

As a Carer you are entitled to have your needs assessed by Adult Care Services.  A Carer’s Assessment  is a chance to talk about your needs as a carer, and the possible ways help could be given.  It also looks at the needs of the person you care for.  There is no charge for an assessment.

Please as for a Carer’s identification and referral form which you can complete to let us know about your caring responsibilities.

Further information can be accessed at  www.carersuk.org

Peplownians Bowls Evening

PeplowniansPeplow’s community group has organised an evening of bowls in conjunction with Wollerton Bowls and Social Club. The event, which is for Peplow residents, is planned for Friday, July 24 2015 starting at 7.00pm. A buffet meal is included.

Numbers are limited on the evening so places need to be booked in advance. Tickets cost £7.50 per person.

For more information or to book, please contact David Jackson 01952-840489 or email.


It’s on – Footpath Group – Evening Walk – 7th July

Rain not forecast, so we are going for it

Members of Hodnet Footpath Group invite anyone to join them on a summer’s evening [It’s got to start soon hasn’t it?] walk.

We shall be walking from Hodnet towards Fauls and back, using parts of the route outlined in our Walk Leaflet 6.

This is a varied walk of moderate exertion, which also includes nice views.

Children and dogs welcome – but dogs on a lead please.

The walk starts from the Lyon Hall at 7.30 pm, return expected around 9 – 9.30 pm.

Sensible footwear and clothing advised.

If raining, it will be cancelled and re-run the following week on Thursday 16th, same time, etc. If in doubt on the 7th, visit this website post an hour beforehand to check for a ‘no go’ announcement.

For further info on HFG, including links to contact info, see our page HERE