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Theft from Shed in Websters Lane – 29 May 18

West Mercia Police Logo

West Mercia Police have reported a theft of equipment from a shed in Websters Lane, Hodnet.

It states:

Shed break, Websters Lane, Hodnet, A red Honda rotovator and a Honda petrol powered jet wash were stolen from a shed in Websters Lane, Hodnet, between 11.30am -1.30pm on Tues 29 May.

Incident ref: 0337s 290518

If you have any information on […]

VW Golf Stolen in Hodnet

West Mercia Police Logo

Yesterday evening West Mercia Police’s, Market Drayton SNT tweeted information about a car stolen from Hodnet.

The Tweet reads:

Burglary reported in Hodnet. Blue VW Golf, vrm YN14 NHY, was stolen. If you have any info, please call 101. 5:36 pm – 20 May 2018


The Return of the Roadworks – 13 to 15 May 2018

Roadworks Sign

It seems like Openreach are still searching for the blockage in their ducting near the Hodnet exchange, as roadworks.org is warning of more roadworks on Drayton Road, today and tomorrow. These are to be followed on Monday and Tuesday by further roadworks on the old A53 in the Wollerton area.

Details of all these are:

Drayton Road, Hodnet, Shropshire 13 […]

The Return of Openreach Roadworks – 7 & 8 May 2018

Roadworks Sign

The web team are not sure if last week’s roadworks on Drayton Road actually took place, or if the job was never completed. What we do know is that roadworks.org has published a very similar set of notices for Monday and Tuesday this week. The work is listed as taking place near to the junction of Drayton Road and Hearne […]

More Openreach Roadworks – 30 Apr to 1 May 2018

Roadworks Sign

Roadworks.org have published details of a further set of roadworks on Drayton Rd, this time adjacent to the junction with Hearne Lane. There are two items listed on their website, both relating to the same operation.

Drayton Road, Hodnet, Shropshire 30 April — 01 May

Delays likely Traffic control (multi-way signals)

Works location: From outside 4 to outside 11 , […]

Yet more roadworks on old A53 – April 2018

Roadworks Sign

Following on from the recent announcement of up to three days of delays in Hodnet, Roadworks.org have now added information about further work by Openreach at Lostford Bridge. Their email alert reads:

Drayton Field to Lostford Junction A53, Market Drayton 24 April — 27 April

Delays likely Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: From 70m East of Lostford Bridge to […]

Roadworks Drayton Road – 23 to 25 April 2018

Roadworks Sign

Roadworks.org has announced up to three days of delays in Hodnet. Their email alert reads:

Drayton Road, Hodnet, Shropshire 23 April — 25 April

Delays likely Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: From 11m North East of Hearne Lane junction to outside 11, DRAYTON ROAD

Works description: To locate and clear blockages in verge on BT network Responsibility for works: […]

Parish Council Community Grants – Update April 2018

In his Annual Report, Chris Mackie, Chairman of Hodnet Parish Council, advised the Annual Parish Meeting that ‘one of our prime objectives over the last 12 months had been developing and then implementing the process of distributing community grants’.

The availability of funds was publicised locally last year on this website and elsewhere, and grant application forms were provided to […]

Roadworks Wollerton Crossroads – 10 April 2018

Roadworks Sign

Roadworks.org has announced multiple roadworks tomorrow (Tuesday 10 April) in the area of Wollerton Crossroads. The four notices refer to:

Wollerton Crossroads to Drayton Fields; Drayton Road End of to Crossroads Wollerton – wrongly described as the A53 Mill Road, Wollerton Wood Lane, Wollerton

Delays are likely because traffic control is being managed by multi-way signals.

The reason for the […]

“Police” Scam Warning, March 2018

West Mercia Police Logo

It’s always important to be on the alert for scams, and particularly vigilant where older people living alone are concerned.

Please be aware that some people in the Loggerheads area have recently received telephone calls from a caller claiming to be “the police”, saying that they are in the person’s area and offering to check out their house for security.


Drayton Road Delays 22 to 29 March 2018

Drayton Road March 2018

BT Openreach is about to start a week of works on Drayton Road which will see traffic lights operational in different locations between Hodnet and the Drayton side of Wollerton.

These are listed here, but the date range needs to extended to ‘Next 3 Months’ to display all the locations.

Details for each location are listed below, click on the […]

Parish Council’s frustration over Station Road Post Box

Hodnet Parish Council

Since the post box was removed from Station Road, following the closure of the Post Office, Hodnet Parish Council has been campaigning to get it reinstated.

The Parish Council has repeatedly written to the Post Office pointing out the need for a post box in this area and explaining that, being a residential area with a high percentage of older […]

Reminder – Scoop the Poop!

Three years ago we published a post reminding local residents and visitors of the need to clean up after their dogs when they are out and about with them. This Dog Fouling Alert warned of the dangers of the Toxocara canis roundworm and also the law concerning this habitual problem. We encourage all dog owners to read it, because it […]

More Tree Cutting on Hodnet Bypass

Tree Cutting on A53 - Feb/Mar 2018

We recently gave advance notice of tree cutting work on the A53. Now roadworks.org is warning of 4 more weeks of similar maintenance work.

The next phase can be found listed here, but if the date range is extended to ‘Next 3 Months’ then all the phases are listed.

Details for each location are listed below, click on the map […]

Roadworks on Old A53 – 23 Feb. 2018

Roadworks Sign

Roadworks.org has published information of work on the old A53, between Wollerton and Lostford, taking place tomorrow Friday 23rd Feb.

The notice reads:

From Drayton Field to Lostford Junction A53, Market Drayton, Shropshire 23 February

Delays likely Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: o/s Greenfields Lostford Market Drayton Shropshire TF9 3LT

Works description: Openreach access to overhead structures to install […]