Trugg and Barrows Garden Diary Spring 2013

The ground is white, The winds are wild, They chill and bite; The ground is thick with slush and sleet, And I barely feel my feet.”

It is now the end of March and the garden is still stuck in the grip of winter. Mild weather at the turn of the year looked like it was going to […]

Trugg and Barrow’s Garden Diary February 2013

“The more it snows tiddely-pom

the more it goes tiddely-pom

the more it goes tiddely-pom on snowing

and nobody knows tiddely-pom

how cold my toes tiddely-pom

how cold my toes are growing.” (A.A. Milne)

For a gardener, January is often the bleakest month of the year, and this […]

Trugg and Barrow’s Garden Diary January 2013

Rain rain rain rain, rain rain, rain rain rain rain rain, rain rain rain, rain rain. The British are known for their pre-occupation with the weather, for gardeners, farmers and others working on the land it is more like an obsession. This time a year ago this part of Shropshire had experienced 9 months of record low rain fall. It […]

Trugg and Barrow’s garden diary December 2012


Trugg and Barrows Garden Diary November 2012

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree”

It has been a wonderful year for autumn colour. One of the first trees as always that showed it’s intent in the garden was the Cladrastis lutea (Yellow wood). This seemed to spur many of the plants in the garden to produce a fantastic display of reds, oranges, browns […]

Trugg and Barrows Garden Diary October 2012

Most of September’s weather was quite benign. There were some lovely sunny days as well as many breezy and cloudy ones, along with the occasional grass frost and daily heavy dews keeping conditions underfoot a bit damp. Typical autumn weather. The last few days of the month were anything but typical; heavy persistant rain caused flooding around the garden, with […]

Trugg and Barrow’s Garden Diary September 2012

The end to another summer is fast approaching, but there is still plenty to enjoy and lots more gardening to do.


There are few plants to which the above adjectives can truly be applied but Hydrangeas are certainly one of them and NOW is the time when they are at their best. In addition, few […]

Trugg and Barrows Garden Diary August 2012

Time to stand and stare.

July weather started very wet indeed, so wet that it was difficult to get out into the garden on many days. This allowed the weeds to grow unrestrained and as a result some areas became ‘rather weedy’. As well as this, large areas of grass were not mown for nearly 3 weeks. I know that […]

Trugg and Barrows Garden Diary July 2012

“What has happened to summer, That’s what I want to know. Is she on a holiday – Who knows where did she go?”

Challenging weather

The beginning of June saw the Plant Hunters Fair come to the gardens. This years event was held over two days, the first day was marred by strong winds, heavy rain and cool temperatures, the […]

Trugg and Barrow’s Garden Diary June 2012

“It’s better to wear away than rust away.”

It’s that time of year in the garden when you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

Weather-wise, May was a month of two contrasting halves. The beginning of the month was cold and wet with danger of frost on many of the nights. As a result, spring growth was around 10 […]

Trugg and Barrows Garden Diary May 2012

“Don’t knock the weather: nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while.”

This time last month the ground was bone dry after months of below average rainfall, we were basking in unseasonably warm weather and were concerned about how to keep plants healthy in drought conditions. April certainly lived up to its […]

Trugg and Barrows Garden Diary April 2012

Chiff Chaffs, Peacock butterflies, June-like sunny summer days, still no rain, hoverflies hunting on the wing, many daffs already past their best, the government telling people to go out and panic buy and hoard fuel, what a strange and unusual March it was. The warm dry weather has meant that the work has progressed well and the garden is ready […]

Trugg and Barrows Garden Diary, March 2012

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” – Robin Williams

Daffodils and the first of the spring flowering shrubs have been in flower since mid February, leaves are starting to break out of the confines (and protection) of their buds and many birds seem to have gone into full nesting mode. Does this seem early to you?

In flower […]

Trugg and Barrows Garden Diary February 2012

January produced a mixed bag of weather. There have been a few frosty nights and some warm spring like days. Many plants are ahead in growth terms and many garden birds are already singing to establish their breeding territories.It seems to have been a good flowering season for Prunus autumnalis as several people have remarked to me on how well […]

Trugg and Barrows garden diary January 2012.

“We go, in winter’s biting wind, On many a short-lived winter day, With aching back but willing mind To dig and double dig the clay.” – Ruth Pitter, The Diehards

For a gardener, January is the bleakest month of the year. Many people consider it a month when the garden should be avoided, and to be honest I have a […]