Trugg and Barrow’s Garden Diary January 2013

Rain rain rain rain, rain rain, rain rain rain rain rain, rain rain rain, rain rain. The British are known for their pre-occupation with the weather, for gardeners, farmers and others working on the land it is more like an obsession. This time a year ago this part of Shropshire had experienced 9 months of record low rain fall. It […]

Jobseekers to get free bus travel in January

Shropshire Newsroom has announced (here) that in January next year, holders of a Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card will be given unlimited free travel on approximately 70% of the national bus network.

The scheme has been negotiated by Greener Journeys, a campaign to promote sustainable travel, with the main bus companies in the UK. It enables jobseekers, especially the young, […]

Casino Night at the Lyon Hall – advance notice

A Casino evening will be held on 2nd February 2013 at the Lyon Hall. It sounds a long time ahead but it is in fact only just round the corner. This is a fund-raising event for the up keep of the Lyon Hall which plays such a central part in our village life. We held a similar event in 2008 […]

Hodnet Housing Development – Committee Rejects Apllication

According to today’s Shropshire Star (12/12/12, page 5 col.2) the North Planning Committee yesterday rejected the application to build 50 dwellings close to the centre of Hodnet. The Star reported that members of the committee rejected the plans on the grounds that the development was too big for the village and lacked proposals for garaging vehicles or the provision of […]

Hodnet Housing Development – Committee meeting date announced

Earlier today (7th Dec) Shropshire Newsroom announced the date of the next North Planning Committee and which planning applications it would consider. Amongst the applications it will be looking at is the proposed 50 dwelling development in Hodnet.

The committee will meet next week at Edinburgh House, Wem on Tuesday 11 December 2012, starting at 2pm. The meeting is open […]

Bus Pass information

Shropshire Council’s Newsroom has reported in this post that some bus companies are struggling to automatically process national bus passes. The report states:

Whilst they work to resolve them, Shropshire Council can reassure cardholders that all bus operators in the county have been instructed to accept the passes as valid, and record the acceptance manually instead.

Bus operators are working […]

New website for buying food waste caddy liners

In November Shropshire Council distributed free plastic food waste caddies to residents in North Shropshire. Included with them were a small number of biodegradable liners. This week the Council’s Newsroom announced the launch of a new website from which residents can buy multiple rolls of replacement liners.

The website, which is run by Straight plc. the suppliers of the liners, […]