Hodnet to Marchamley Path – Work Begins

Thanks to the kind co-operation of Mr J Powell, at last weeks meeting of the Parish Council it proved possible to authorise the necessary local agreement to help progress this long mooted Permissive Path project. As a result Shropshire Council were today (26th Feb) able to actually start work on its construction.

The potential usefulness of the project was confirmed […]

Shropshire Potato Day 2013

A local company, Jalving Potatoes UK Ltd, which is based in Great Bolas is organising Shropshire’s first Potato Day on Sunday 3rd March. The event, which is to held at Harper Adams University, is aimed at providing real choice from a great selection of seed potatoes and is hoping to attract dedicated gardeners, allotment growers and potato enthusiasts.

Following […]

Photographs of yesteryear

Drayton Road, Hodnet

For those who enjoyed our recently added Hodnet – A Miscellany of Memories section, we have just created another new section in our Local History section. We now have two pages of nostalgic photographs from Hodnet and Wollerton. Here are some of properties you may not readily recognise.

Drayton Road, Hodnet

Milestone Cottages, Shrewsbury Street, Hodnet


Trugg and Barrow’s Garden Diary February 2013

“The more it snows tiddely-pom

the more it goes tiddely-pom

the more it goes tiddely-pom on snowing

and nobody knows tiddely-pom

how cold my toes tiddely-pom

how cold my toes are growing.” (A.A. Milne)

For a gardener, January is often the bleakest month of the year, and this […]

New SAMDev Consultation Announced

With the recent planning applications for large-scale residential developments some local residents have had to learn a new vocabulary which includes acronyms like SAMDev. Standing for Site Allocations and Management of Development the SAMDev Plan is being developed to put in place management policies for County Council Planning Department when assessing new developments.

Today (1 Feb. 2013) the Council has […]