Shropshire Fire Budget – A Public Appeal

Local residents will remember that earlier this year, after several months of uncertainty, it was announced that Hodnet Fires Station, along with several other rural stations would not be closed in the next round of cost saving budget cuts. Today Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service publicised a series of public meetings being held across the county in July, at which […]

Animals on the Highway!

In the winter months we published a reminder about the dangers of ungritted roads. Now a summer hazard is being highlighted by West Mercia Police. A recent Neighbourhood Watch message reads:

A timely reminder for Shropshire county road users.

Recent fatal accidents on Shropshire roads remind drivers to take care on the county’s roads and to remain alert at all […]

Tern Hill Roadworks to continue until Wed. 25 June

Many local residents will have been affected yesterday and today by the roadworks at Tern Hill Roundabout. Four-way temporary traffic light controls are causing long delays on the A4i & A53 in all directions.

According to the relevant report on the work involves excavations in the highway to locate and repair LV cable. It adds that queries should be […]

Dog access gates make walks easier

Dog walkers using Footpaths Group walks 2 or 3 will be pleased to hear that another dog access gate was recently completed adjacent to the lower stile where the route turns off just above The Hearne Farm drive and heads across the fields in the direction of Long Lane.

A similar gate has already been fitted by the top stile. […]

Emergency Defibrillator For Hodnet?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Each year, 135,000 people in the UK die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The condition can strike anyone at any time – young or old; fit or not. That’s more than breast cancer, lung cancer and AIDS combined. The recent high profile experience of Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba helped bring this to the public attention – and […]

New Local Debt Advice Centre Opens

Local people caught in the debt trap are now able to get free help thanks to a group of local churches opening a debt counselling centre. Market Drayton Churches Together have partnered with charity Christians Against Poverty to bring its award-winning service to Market Drayton and the surrounding area including Hodnet.

Gill Carley – CAP Centre Manager


Station Road Development – Nearing Completion

The Parish Council wish to draw local people’s attention to the fact that work is progressing on the building of 14 dwellings on the old council yard on Station Road. According to Shropshire Housing Group’s website they will be completed in December this year.

The Parish Council would like as many local people as possible to be registered for consideration […]

Hawkstone Hall Open Days

Hawkstone Hall and Gardens will be open to the public daily from Thursday 14th to Wednesday 27th August between 1 and 5 pm.

More information available from The Secretary, Hawkstone Hall, Marchamley SY4 5LG: Tel: 01630-685242 or email

Glow Worm Spotting is on!



Hodnet’s glow worms along our section of the old railway line are locally well known, but nationally scarce.

Have you ever seen them?

If not, and assuming you’d like to, would you know what you are looking for, or exactly where?

If yes, […]