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Good News – New Public Footpath created for Hodnet/Wollerton

Hodnet Footpath Group [HFG] is very pleased to announce that Shropshire Council [SC] have designated the ‘old railway line’ path from Hodnet to Wollerton a public right of way [PROW] with immediate effect.

In practical ‘walking’ terms nothing will change, but the change of legal status protects the route for the future as it replaces its previous ‘permissive use ‘ granted by SC – which could have been removed at any time.

In due course this route will appear on official maps as a PROW [and on ordnance survey, etc, as a public footpath] and in the short term SC will be adding some finger post ‘public footpath’ signs.

This change has only come about as a result of a formal submission made by HFG to SC for a change of status, which in turn was only possible because many people completed the relevant question contained in Hodnet Parish Council’s [HPC] last Parish Plan Questionnaire. Our submission was also formally supported by HPC and Karen Calder, local SC Councillor. So, a big thank you to all who took the trouble bring this about – local democracy in action?

And a final big ‘thank you’ to the Outdoor Recreation team at SC for taking the action they have.

If you value some of the work HFG does, why not get involved and help ensure it continues?

See our website page for details or phone the current Chair [Steve] on 01630 685697.

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