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Facebook page for Patient Group

Patient Participation Groups are a requirement for every medical practice in England. The function of such groups varies according to practice and locality, but one of their aims is to help medical centres communicate with their patients about new patient directives such as the flu jab.

The new ‘Hodnet Medical Centre Patient Participation Group’ Facebook page has been created by your local group to provide Hodnet Medical Practice patients with this type of information. Please ‘Follow’ this page on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest health awareness information and Hodnet Medical Centre updates.

Find us on Facebook


‘Likes’ & ‘Shares’ of posts will help the Group to become more aware of the type of information most important to Hodnet patients. The PPG will also post about general health issues and health initiatives from other local organisations. At this stage the page is only informative rather than interactive.

To contact the PPG, see the “About” section of the Facebook page or please email.

Update Dec. 2017: The PPG now also has its own page on this website.

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