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FOUND – Dog Missing from Marchamley

A big thank you from Helen to all who helped in the search for Spyder and expressed their support and concern.

Spyder was spotted in a lane about a mile away and was back home by this evening, with no ill effects. Helen says that social media really helped.

Spider who went missing on 5 Nov. 2017Have you seen Spyder (photograph) a liver and white Springer Spaniel who went missing from her home in Marchamley last night (5/11/17)?

Despite being virtually deaf, Spyder was spooked by fireworks at around 7.00pm and fled her kennel. She has not returned home this morning.

If you see Spyder, or know of her whereabouts, please contact Helen on 01630-685375 or 07971-688340 as soon as possible.

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