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Further delays with roadworks?

Roadworks SignAs most local people know roadworks at Espley Roundabout are causing delays and confusion.

Two pieces of information which may cause further difficulties today (11 Nov. 2017) will be of interest to local residents.

On Friday evening Diversion signs were put out on the A442 through Peplow. The signs direct traffic in both directions. Whilst this author is unclear exactly where the diversion is from to, the most logical is that for some portion of the day the A53 from the roundabout towards Shawbury will be closed. If you are planning to travel in that direction, be prepared for delays. Alternatively, it could be a diversion around a road closure in the Telford area. If so the extra traffic will add to congestion at Espley Roundabout.

Secondly, Shropshire Council have announced here the closure of the B5065, Soulton Road, between Wem and the A49 between 7.30am and 1.00pm today. This is to allow the recovery of a HGV went off the road at Soulton Bridge on Thursday afternoon. The recovery has been delayed by the difficulty of not damaging the bridge which is a Grade II listed structure.

Wherever you are going over the weekend, it seems you need to be prepared for delays.

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