Still time to respond to Hodnet Housing Development plans

At the public meeting on Friday 13 July, the Parish Council stated that the deadline for members of the public to comment on the planning application for the fifty homes to the east of Shrewsbury Street has been extended until the eve of the planning hearing.

The easiest way to respond to the Planning Application is through the Shropshire Council website. Click here to go direct to the Application Summary – it should open in a new tab/window. There are a series of tabs across the top of the main page area: Details; Comments; Documents; Related Cases; Map. There is important information available from each of these and on some tabs from the second row of options. Click on the “Comments” tabs. Here you can read other people’s comments as well as submit your own. You need to supply your contact details and you have 6,000 characters for your comments.

Remember, whether  you support the plans or object to them in some way, it is important that you exercise your right to comment on them. The deadline for comments is 25 July.

At the recent public meeting the Site Allocations and Management of Development (SAMDev) Preferred Options consultation was mentioned several times. This is separate from the above planning application, but refers to the three plots of land concerned (see plan below). Responding to this is more complicated than commenting on the Planning Application, but every resident has the right to comment. It also includes proposals for Marchamley, Wollerton and Peplow. The deadline for responding to the SAMDev Consultation is noon on Friday 20 July.

The SAMDev proposals can be accessed from this page on the Shropshire Council’s website. This is the SAMDev Preferred Options for the Market Drayton Area section. Scroll down to the “Online services and downloads” pane. Click on the “Market Drayton SAMDev questionnaire” link. (Before you do, note that the “site assessment technical report for Hodnet can be downloaded from a link below it. This is what it says on the tin, a technical document, and as such it may only be of interest to a few people.)

Following the above link will take you to the first page of the survey; there are several. Scroll down to the bottom of each page and click on the “Next” button until you come to the section for Hodnet (Questions 24 to 30). You need to tick the relevant button “Yes” or “No” to answer these questions and you have a space below to add your own comments. (This space will expand by dragging the lower right-hand corner.) The questions relate not just to the three plots covered by the present Planning Application, but also to the development of the old goods yard near the bottom of Station Road. When you have responded to these questions, you may want to move on (by clicking the “Next ” button at the bottom of each page) to Questions 37 to 41 which concern developments in  Marchamley, Wollerton and Peplow.  When you have answered all the questions you wish to respond to, move on to subsequent pages until you come to the one where you supply your contact details. Complete this page and you will find a “Done” button to submit your response. (You cannot  request that a copy of your submission be emailed to you.)

This may seem a tedious procedure, but it is worthwhile as all residents on the electoral roll has the right to comment on matters like these.

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