New path to Wollerton Wetlands opens

Hodnet Parish Council is very pleased to announce that a new public footpath has opened from Wollerton down to the bypass Wetlands.

Wollerton WetlandsWorking with Shropshire Council, this long running project involved a detailed investigation of claimed past rights of way and, after a protracted period of consultation and a formal legal process, has resulted in the opening of a new access path via ‘Cow Lane’. See Map.

From the Wetlands an existing public footpath (FP 28) runs to Stoke Heath, via Helshaw Grange, providing access to a variety of wider country walks. A Hodnet Footpath Group leaflet outlining the whole route can be viewed here HodnetWalk5

Those who are interested in a fuller account of what this project entailed should click HERE

If you wish to gain access to the Wetlands, and the paths beyond, only use this new route – please do not create nuisance/trespass by trying to use other routes, even if you may have used them in the past. This new path is the only legal means of access.

Anyone wishing to show their support for this new path, and especially those who’d like to help ‘keep an eye’ on it and help with occasional maintenance, should contact the Hodnet Footpath Group, Click Here

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