Hodnet from the Air – spot the differences

Here is the list of differences we have spotted – they are marked by coloured boxes in the images below:

  • Blue: Chantry Court built on the site of Hodnet School and playing field;
  • Red: New medical centre was not built in 1980;
  • Yellow: No car park at the side of the Lyon Hall (limited parking in front of it);
  • Magenta: In 1980 there was a lawn by the entrance to the Bear Inn from what is now the car park;
  • Black: The foundations of a new house were being put in place during 1980, it was built by 2007;
  • White: A collection of sheds in the 1980 photographs has been replaced with a house by 2007;
  • Green: Additional buildings have been erected in the council yard.

Please let us know if you spot other differences.

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